Thursday, October 20, 2011

On Her Feet

It has taken over a week for Ellie to get moving after the green pea incident. Ironically, she seemed to struggle getting over the hump until we gave her bear meat and broth, and she was leaps and bounds better within 24 hours. I have no idea what the difference is with bear meat, but we will take it! For those in the FPIES poo world, she is still having diarrhea, but not reactive. This is weird since she has a history of constipation so I am worried it means remaining damage or ....? yeah. The FPIES who-knows-what. Then again, I would rather her have diarrhea that does not move too fast and allows her to digest, than constipation that sits and poisons her system.

So what next? She is trying the pork we pulled during the reaction right now. We are madly stuffing our new freezer with zucchini for winter (we were tremendously blessed with an additional freezer for this purpose). Then we try chicken broth once more, along with a new vegetable. What vegetable has yet to be determined.

In other topics, Ellie has feet that are slightly turned in. Not really a big deal, but she has complained of pain in her legs and feet for at least 8 months now. A consult with the pediatrician said it was nothing to worry about, but for a toddler who is used to being in pain and has an extremely high pain threshold, saying owie repeatedly over the same thing is a red flag. I plan to take her to be evaluated for......something.

She is also now 26 months and needing to hit some milestones. We are faced with losing the pacifier, moving her to a big girl bed, and potty training, none of which we have even considered yet.

What is more immediate is the need to get her off the bottle. She currently eats using an Avent bottle with a nipple we slice so that her puree will go through. Those nipples do not last long before they tear and are costing us a small fortune. She will drink water from a cup or straw, but doesn't take a spoon or eat in any other manner. How do we help her transition past this point? I'm not sure.

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