Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When FPIES Starts Talking

I made a realization today. When Ellie was an infant I used to wish, night after night, that she could just tell me what was wrong. Do you hurt? Where? Why are you crying? What can I do?

I would have paid millions for any magic ball that would help her say what she does now:
"I tired", "I hungry", "Coming!", "Oh-tay mama".

Ellie began speaking shortly after starting GAPS, and has progressed rather rapidly to complete sentences. In fact she said six new words within 24 hours of taking her off of her formula (Nutramigen AA). Now, she is quite the talker and does a good job competing with her five year old sister.

Today while reflecting through FPIES goggles I realized this:

The most horrible words to hear: "I hurt, mama."

The most wonderful words to hear: "I full."

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  1. :( .... : )

    LittleR tells me regularly "I'm a talker" they are such a blessing aren't they!


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