Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have been asked if I worry about ketosis in Elianna - a condition created from too much protein and not enough carbs (or something like that). I just discovered a response to this question by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of GAPS, on her website. Dr. Natasha has an MD in neurology and an additional MD in nutrition. For more information please check her FAQ page. Here is her response:

Ketosis and GAPS. Is it induced via GAPS Introduction diet? Is it a danger in doing GAPS Intro? Is it one and the same as die-off? How to prevent it?

There is a popular myth that sugar is the main source of energy in the body; this myth has been created by commercial companies selling sugary foods and drinks, and by funded by them “research”. Mainstream nutritional institutions are funded by food industry, so they are the main propagators of this myth. Here is the truth: vast majority of all cells in the body use fats as a source of energy: your heart, your muscles, your inner organs, etc. Whenever fat is used as a source of energy ketone bodies are created. There is no need to fear ketosis, as we all have it now and then almost every day (it is very different from diabetic ketosis, induced by non-functioning pancreas). It is possible that during the Introduction diet there will be periods of ketosis, but don’t worry about it as normally you would not feel it at all. Eating vegetables will prevent ketosis. Ketosis is not the same as die-off.


  1. I have a related question: I can understand that carbs are not needed for healthy gut functioning, but if you are someone going from a high carb diet (~100g/day), is there a danger of feeling fatigued to the point that you might faint?

    I am thinking it might be better just taper off carbs rather than eliminating them completely considering how weak I have been feeling in the last two days. It seems like it's better to let my body adjust to a low-carb diet before eliminating them completely.

    1. I know a lot of adults doing GAPS find it better to go Full GAPS before intro due to this reason. I think it might be important to remember though that GAPS is not low carb unless you need it to be. Many people do high carb but getting their carbs from squashes, etc. The problem lies when the body is relying on sugar (which we commonly refer to as carbs in mainstream). I have been Full GAPS for over a year, and will be starting intro in about 2 weeks and because of my yeast issues I figure the carb cravings will be brutal still. My daughter has not been able to tolerate even GAPS allowed carbs due to her dissacharide deficiency and fungus issues, but she has been just fine without them. Very individual. If that is an issue for you then I think it is good to be aware when starting stage 1 and be sure to have things on hand in case you find yourself sick. (juice, applesauce?) Kids bounce back much quicker than we do as adults. Hope that helps! :)


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