Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Hope: Where Ellie Stands With Food

At this point we have had good progress with Ellie and the bone broths and boiled meats. We have given her zucchini for three days (boiled, de-seeded and skinned for ease of digestion) and she seems to have tolerated it well. Next steps include boiled onion and carrot.

She is still not eating on her own, and will not let us feed her which means that she is getting it all via the bottle and Vitamix. She will not take a sippy cup or any lidded cup either. I am beginning to think that the referral for Occupational Therapy may be a good idea after all. She also has extremely low muscle tone. Hopefully I can find a state agency to help and support us with that since our insurance does not win awards for being the most helpful and we have already created bills in the thousands.

My hope is that we will be able to provide a stricter daily schedule that gets her into the highchair more regularly, and surrounded by a plastic tarp, since a 19 month old eating like a 6 month old is capable of spreading her damage in a much larger radius.

I will be doing a home patch testing for egg whites and egg yolks this week. I am very hopeful that she will pass, because this would be a fantastic source of nutrition for her.

She is growing, and has thinned down dramatically. But she looks healthy. Her hair is growing! Her constipation is gone. And boy is she hungry! She often eats 18 ounces in one sitting now, and that includes 6 or 7 ounces of meat puree! Exciting stuff.....except it keeps a pot of broth cooking on the stove almost every day. Oh well. You won't hear me complain about that!

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  1. JOY JOY JOY! Praise the Lord! I am SO excited for Ellie. This makes me just want to JUMP! You are doing so well moving through the protocol! We just applied for a grant for our vitamix today and will know in a few days if it is granted. Your progress gives me such urgency to get it and to get moving! Thank you for your faithfulness my friend!


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