Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Method To My Madness

Who is Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride?

- She is a doctor of neurology
- She is a doctor of nutrition
- She obtained her first degree in Russia
- She obtained her second degree in the UK
- She practices medicine in the UK
- She previously worked as a neurosurgeon
- She is the mom of a child previously diagnosed with Autism
- She has done extensive research on the 'gut/brain connection'

While she has her own field experience and medical work dating back to the early 80's, she also works with other doctors all over the globe and does an excellent job of compiling research. This includes the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. (You may find a bunch of websites dedicated to which is 'better', GAPS or SCD, but the truth is they fall in the same group.)

Her original focus was to heal her son, and investigate the autism spectrum. What resulted was a compilation of information connecting intestinal health to overall health and nutrition. She promotes underlying health and healing protocols based on medical research and experience, combined with the ability to recognize individual gut and immune system conditions.

To me, she was the unheard of - medicine combined with nutrition.

Now I do not wear rose colored glasses. I am not/was not hoping for a miracle fix. And I did not randomly pick a doctor off of the internet. I had done my research, which included speaking to other GAPS homes and patients over the course of two years. But seriously, ....SERIOUSLY. What did we have to lose?

So I emailed her, doubting I would ever get a response. Yet to my surprise, I received a personalized response to Ellie's condition within 24 hours.

And what I received was hope. HOPE. Let me say it again:


And the best sentence in her email?
"...children at her age recover quite quickly once you start feeding them properly."

So you see, there IS a method to my going out on a limb and choosing a path other than what Ellie's doctors can give. And this method does not come from the quack witch doctor on the corner. It comes from a brilliant, experienced, doctor of neurology and nutrition, who has made it her goal to help other mothers around the globe. Not with a magic pill. Not with a prescribed medicine. But with a challenge to examine the environment in my home, the food on my table, and the toxic load that Ellie has inherited from me. Overwhelming? Yes. But finally a place to start.

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