Thursday, March 10, 2011

A List of Observations

Today is day 9 of taking Ellie off of the amino acid formula and putting her on bone broth and boiled meats only. Here are some observations based on physical conditions, as the cognitive improvement has already been huge.

Things that have disappeared:

  • night time cough and congestion
  • day time raspy breathing
  • nasal boogies and snot
  • massive ear drainage and constant ear wax
  • puffy, stretched skin
  • diaper rash
  • girl part rash
  • foggy head behavior
  • dark, under-eye circles
Things that have improved but have not completely gone away:
  • white tongue
  • full body eczema
  • rashed, red cheeks
  • spots on teeth (in grooves of molars)
Things we are now/still seeing or are more noticeable:
  • low muscle tone
  • stiff legged walking
  • desire to eat food
  • constipation
  • increase in tantrums
  • large range of volume - from whispers to screams, without much in between
I am sure there are other things that I have forgotten at the moment, but this is a good summary. We are VERY excited for the improvements!


  1. We too are seeing an increase in tantrums! I wonder if that is broth/healing or terrible TWOS for us!! : )

  2. I third the increasing tantrums thing! I swear, Noah went to bed last Saturday night a happy 18 month old and woke up on Sunday a cranky, demanding 2 year old!!! BUT, I'm soooo glad to hear about all the progress over the past 9 days. God is good!


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