Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Corn Part 2 - On To Eggs

One of the most ridiculous things to find corn free is meat and eggs. We found a local farmer who has switched his eggs over to being corn and soy free after receiving an email from me. When I asked him why, he said he had already been on that path. I am so grateful!

We have switched our family over to his eggs which are completely comparable in price to conventionally fed eggs found at the farmer's market. And I have waited and waited and waited and WAITED for the right time to feed them to Ellie. We planned to start with the raw egg yolk (the proteins in the yolk and white are different, and the yolk is particularly rich in nutrients and easy to digest).

The day before giving her the egg yolk she was gifted a balloon from the supermarket. We spent the day telling her to get the string out of her mouth. She kept putting it in sideways and sucking on it. That night she complained of her eczema and kept scratching at her arm creases and the backs of her legs which were flaring up. I grabbed a small Melaleuca Tea Tree oil product from the pantry and rubbed it on those spots. She fussed. I thought it was odd since tea tree oil always helps my eczema, but wrote it off to it burning.

The next day we started egg, but she was acting a little funny. About mid day I noticed she had red marks on the sides of her mouth. The string from the balloon had left marks. Well, burns actually.

These pictures are a bit grainy, but you can still see the corners of her mouth and her reaction face.

What could this reaction possibly be to? None other than corn. One latex balloon powdered with corn starch left burns on her face.

I put the breaks on the egg, and rubbed my own eczema with the tea tree oil. It itched! What in the world? I flipped it over and on the back in the most microscopic print were 'other ingredients'. UGH. I knew better than that! And what was listed? Wheat germ and corn oil. Into the garbage it went.

The good news is that it only took her about 32 hours, one fussy night, and two reaction poops to move past this exposure, compared to what used to be weeks of recovery. Hooray once more for healing. Today she would point to the scabs at the corner of her mouth and say 'owie', but they were noticeably better. And we braved forward with egg yolk once more today. So far so good!


  1. I'm so thankful she is on the road to healing!

    I know those panicky feelings. They are awful. :(

  2. MAN! That's exactly what used to happen to the inside of my mouth everywhere that the latex rubber bands rubbed back and forth! So glad, though, that her set-backs are fewer, further between and more short lived. Praise the Lord for healing!

  3. ps...can't wait to see your new site!

  4. What sweet cheeks she's got!! (sorry about the owies!!)


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