Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Sun: More Than Your Average Ball of Fire

After taking a look at Ellie's Vitamin A levels, I took a look at her Vitamin D. Another mom quickly reminded me that I was forgetting about the sun. Oh, yeah! What happened to all of those articles saying that Vitamin D comes from the sun? Why the focus on getting Ellie into eggs?

Yes, the best resource for Vitamin D is the sun. Hands down, it is the easiest way for our bodies to make it when the rays hit the cholesterol in our skin. There is a lot of controversy about skin cancer, and sun, and sun screen, and tanning. Honestly I do not have the time right now to research it all or try to get to the bottom of something funded so obviously by big business. It will have to go on the 'when I get to it' list. What I do know is this:

-God really had something in mind when he made the universe and even gave the stars and planets their jobs. A ball of fire in the sky that gives vitamins to our body? Now that is pretty amazing.

-Ellie needs lots of Vitamin A. Now that the rain is finally deciding to move past us, I will be forcing her to spend some time outside every day. It will be in small increments and then increase so that she can build up her gradual tan. Next winter, perhaps we will even learn from her older sister and take up dancing in the rain. Any sunlight counts!

-Ellie will not be using sunscreen (nor will her sister). There is not a 'safe' sunscreen on the market, and there is lots of disagreement over whether or not intake of vitamin A is restricted with sunscreen use. She will be wearing lots of hats, long sleeve shirts, and other coverage if needed. Does this make me nervous? Absolutely! My brain is about to explode from all of the change in our family. But at least I no longer have to devote so much to searching for a sunscreen that is 'natural'.

-Ellie has a toxic body. It is full of proteins that have leaked past her protective intestinal barrier, and is full of what which she inherited from me (another post entirely). These toxins and intestinal issues make her need for Vitamin A great, which is why the food supplements are so incredibly important for her.

So on to egg. Here we go, hoping for a pass!

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