Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Certainly A SUPER Market!

Over the last 6 months or so I have begun to take note of some most interesting items on the shelf at the supermarket. I finally decided it would be fun to share them with all of you. Perhaps you have already noticed them, or perhaps not. Perhaps you buy them (sorry). Another FPIES mama recently shared the picture of an apple 'juice' she found at the store, because she knew how much I would enjoy it. I can't seem to get it to post here, but it was a lovely green box with apple, that says "Apple Artificially Flavored Drink. No Juice." The question is: what then is it exactly?

Below are a few of my favorites. Warning: sarcasm alert

Let us start with this lovely Rice 'cheese' pictured at the left. Galaxy Nutritional Foods has figured out how to make American flavored processed cheese food alternatives out of rice! It is soy free, cholesterol free, lactose free....but when I turned over the back, guess what? It has diary casein in it. Darn. That's ok. The rice is not FPIES friendly, anyway.

Next up we have something that I found while sea salt shopping.

Yup. That's right. The 'no salt' for your low sodium needs. There were no ingredients listed.

Contrary to popular belief, fructose on the shelf is not derived from fruit. It is a nutritious sweetener highly processed from high fructose corn syrup. What? You didn't think you could process high fructose corn syrup? You can! Read the sign! This lovely little sign was courtesy of the bulk bins at Winco (in case you are looking to purchase some).

Ahhh....Xantham Gum. An FPIES favorite. From our local health food store. Gluten free, wheat free, and an 'authentic food'! For the preservative need in you. Feel free to add this soy or corn based ingredient to your baking goods to give it some fluff in the name of 'gluten free'. (Not FPIES safe)

This one made me stop and laugh. Do not forget to pick up your imported octopus, in a can, with SOY and olive oil. Uh......

I had to include this most frustrating picture. It is the back of a granola bag. The ingredients look great, right? For our corn free home I was thinking it was a good choice. Until I read the black italic writing. Packaged in corn. DOH! Did I mention they are replacing BPA products with a corn based plastic? And the 'new' Styrofoam comes from corn? That meat packaging you see in the store? Agh!

Last, but certainly not least, I had to include one of my most favorite items now featured on the grocery shelf as well as at the local farmer's markets. Vegetarian chickens. That's right. I am not really sure who is creating the need to produce these. It is full of confusion for me. The vegetarian that wants bug and worm free eggs? The consumer that doesn't know chickens are designed to eat bugs and worms? Those hoping for the ethical treatment of animals, not realizing to keep a chicken from eating a bug they have to be fully caged and not on the ground? I am so confused on this one!

I used to get frustrated because I wanted to be able to shop the market and throw whatever I wanted to in my basket. Stupid FPIES, I would think. I can no longer shop without thinking. Now I know that our new normal has opened up a more healthy realm for the entire family, and that if I really look, most things in life can give you a good laugh.


  1. Love this post Nichole - very fun AND funny. I think perhaps there should be a T-Shirt in here: "Unethical treatment of Hens for the Ethical Treatment of Worms!" Wow - those eggs are an oxymoron for sure!!!

  2. Great info! I am not aware of there being a standard for labeling vegetarian chickens or eggs, so it would make sense that there would still be questionable variety in the feeding and caging practices of these particular chickens. But I have not recently researched it and would love to know otherwise (much like 'free range' chickens having only a certain number of minutes outside of the cage, etc). And you are right, I had forgotten about the ground up feathers and chicken parts that are routinely included in standard CAFO style chicken farm feeds. With that in mind 'vegetarian' makes much more sense. In my effort to create a semi-funny post I left out important information. Thank you for pointing it out!


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