Friday, May 13, 2011

We Won't Be Keeping This Doc

A few weeks back we had the opportunity (insert sarcasm here) of attending our long awaited appointment at the local pediatric GI office. We met the doctor who Ellie was assigned to after our favorite GI relocated. I truly thought I had low expectations for this appointment, but they just were not low enough. Luckily I had spent a lot of time praying about it, and when the doctor walked in I just knew that he had no information to present. He did not appear confrontational; he appeared intimidated. And that helped me to have grace for him.

That being said, he still did not conduct a thorough examination of Ellie, and he did not appear to have taken much of a look at her file. He already knew how upset I was that I did not get an earlier appointment, and that I had been waiting to speak with him about the very extreme results of her sugar intolerance test. The appointment started like this:

Dr: Hello I am Dr. M. So you were a patient of Dr. B's?

Me: Yes.

Dr: And you saw him regularly?

Me: Yes.

Dr: And how is she doing?

Me: Well OK. She has not been able to move forward in trialling foods.

Dr: And why is that?

Yeah. Why is that exactly? Maybe her sugar intolerance? Maybe her FPIES??? I don't know Doc. You tell me. I was not impressed.

I did request a entire panel of blood tests to be done since we had not had anything checked since taking her off the formula and beginning GAPS. He also wanted to the blood work for the same reason. Fast forward about 20 minutes to the end of the appointment.

Dr: I am going to go put in the referral for speech and food therapy from my desk. There is a huge wait and that will take months for you to get her in. I think three months is a good time for her to reschedule...well...there is that matter of weight lets make it two months. (He walked toward the door)

Me: OK.

Dr: Bye Ellie (waves at Ellie, and leaves)

Time for a referral out.


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